November 14, 2016

Best RTA For Single Coil Made Recommended ?

Just as the title suggested,this blog will give users a little suggestion on “what’s the best RTA for Single Coil Made“. Check official blog to get more details.

First,i will recommend you buy GeekVape AMMIT RTA,this is the new introducted  rebuildable tank atomizer by geekvape. AMMIT RTA is a innovative 22mm RTA, with unique “three dimensional” airflow system and a deck that’s utterly simple to build on that specially made for single coil build. GeekVape AMMIT  supports firmware upgrade,with awesome flavor and AMMIT RTA by GeekVape is specially designed for single coil build ,see lst images of 3.5mL GeekVape AMMIT RTA below

3.5mL Ammit RTA by GeekVape

No.2 : 5mL iCloudCig Moradin 22mm RTA

As we have known, the Moradin RTA is the first pure ceramic chamber RTA in the market with exclusive Juice Flow Control ,huge ejuice capaity ,Side Tension Two Post Design and Single or Dual Configurations. iCloudCig Moradin RTA will be a great choice for those good reasons

  1. 3mL and 5mL eJuice capacity
  2. Side-Tension Two-Post Design
  3. Single or Dual Configurations
  4. Dual Adjustable Airslots at Base
  5. Exclusive Juice Flow Control
  6. Easily to build and price is affordable

So,if you want buy a RTA that only for Single Coil used,then you can buy GeekVape AMMIT RTA,as we have seen above, the features are amazing and creative,but if you want buy a RTA with pure flavor and ceramic design to support both single and double coil,then buy iCloudCig Moradin RTA,it has launched the market for ages and will never fail to you.