December 18, 2016

Best Single Coil RTA for SMOK G-PRIV 220W Mod ?

G-PRIV 220W ,as we have known, is a unique and cool compacct but powerful high wattage box mod introudcted by SMOK. The striking features of SMOK G-PRIV 220W was G-PRIV 220W TC Mod with a 2.4″ TC Touch Screen ,supports firmware update and 220w max power output. G-PRIV 220W has launched the market for ages ,tested by many users ,with a good reputation for its decent build quality, high performance and affordable price,see best deal here : Buy SMOK G-PRIV 220W Box Mod. And if you ware in the market for a rebuildable tank atomizer for G-PRIV 220W by SMOK, then you can buy GeekVape AMMIT RTA,see more informations about this tank.


About Geek Vape AMMIT RTA

AMMIT RTA is a 22mm DIY Tank ,designed by GeekVape .GeekVape AMMIT RTA is specially made for single coil build,it has a huge single coil style deck for convenient building.What’s more,3.5mL GeekVape AMMIT RTA with Three-Dimensional airflow from both the bottom and the sidesĀ  to provide great vaping experience and awesome flavor.see official features below

  • 3.5mL ejuice capacity
  • Brilliant, unrivaled flavor
  • Top refill system for juice
  • Adjustable Gold Plated Positive Pin
  • Griffin style adjustable juice flow control
  • Unique top cap design to prevent vapor condensation
  • Huge single coil style deck for convenient building
  • Three-Dimensional airflow from both the bottom and the sides
  • Curved chamber design offers optimized airflow and brilliant flavor.
  • 2.5mm Juice flow slots on either side of the coil, easy wicking, Genesis style juice flow for an optimized vaping experience
  • launched the market for ages with many users.
  • supported by geekvape .
  • cheap affordable price.
  • can match with almost all box mod in the marketplace.