October 23, 2016

Buy IJOY Tornado 150 or Wait ORNATE Atomizer ?

Several weeks ago,IJOY introduced their new tank : IJOY Tornado 150 public. The Tornado 150 Sub ohm & RTA tank is another cheap affordable high wattage tank by IJOY,features 4.2mL e-Liquid capacity,Coil and Chimney 2 in 1 design,RTA Coil included and fantastic flavor and vapor production. If you want buy a Sub ohm Tank with high wattage supported at cheap affordable price,buy IJOY Tornado 150 Sub ohm Tank will be a great choice for you,after all,it was developed and supported by IJOY with powerful function and RTA rebuildable supporting for DIY fun.

IJOY Tornado 150

ORNATE Atomizer is a new introducted Sub ohm tank by Joytech and will coming soon ! The Joytech ORNATE Atomizer is a appealling tank , features MGS triple coil head with three distinct airflow channels,huge cloud and great flavor,6mL ejuice capacity,Detachable structure, and Mouthpiece adapter included.

Joyetech ORNATE Atomizer

And following is a comparison between ORNATE vs IJOY Tornado 150 Sub ohm Tank

The Same

1. 510 threading compatibility

2. Airflow control

3. Black and Silver Colors Available

4. huge cloud and great flavor

5. 25mm diameter

6. Multi Coils Compatibility

The Different

1.Developed and Supported by different team

2. eJuice capacity : IJOY Tornado 150 with 4.2mL ejuice capacity,the ORNATE was 6mL.

3. Tornado 150 with high wattage supported.

4. Tornado 150 by IJOY with Coil and Chimney 2 in 1 design and RTA supporting for DIY fun.

5. Joytech ORNATE used MGS triple coil head with three distinct airflow channels (three coils into one head) .

6. ORNATE Atomizer by IJOY contains mouthpiece adapter,and features Detachable structure and Atomizer head replacement.

7. Joytech ORNATE Atomizer incoming and Tornado 150 is full in stock !


If you wanna s tank with high wattage supported at cheap affordable price,then buy IJOY Tornado 150 Sub ohm & RTA,after all,the featurs are appealling.But if you want buy a tank with powerful function with creative features and huge ejuice hold,then you can wait for a monent and give 6mL Joytech ORNATE Atomizer a shot.