March 29, 2017

Buyer Guide : Low Profile Vape Kit with good TC ?

“What’s the best Low Profile 2 x 18650 Vape Kit with good TC temp control ? “ Different people maybe have different answers and today,the blog will share two hot and popular vape kits that with good temp control, highly performance and cool features at cheap decent price. The two kits are : SMOK Alien 220w Starter Kit and Kanger DRIPEZ 80W Starter Kit. If you wanna a compact and stylist and powerful mod kit ,you can buy SMOK Alien Kit, if you are Squonk kit lovers,then you can buy kanger dripez kit. See more details below

SMOK Alien 220w Kit with TFV8 Baby Tank—-Best Recommended High Wattage Vape Setup

If you are looking for a decent and powerful 2 x 18650 vape kits, then buy SMOK Alien 220w TC Kit will be your choice. As you maybe know, SMOK Alien 220W Kit is the super hottest and big welcomed high wattage mod kit in the market and Alien 220w Kit also was the one of bestselling vape kits . SMOK Alien Kit has launched the market for ages,with many users and left a good reputation for its features,performance and so on. See best reasons to recommend SMOK Alien 220w TC Starter Kit below

  1. decent build quality with great technology supporting.
  2. portable and fashionable with many colors available.
  3. tested by many vapers,with many good reviews and big welcomed in the market.
  4. premade coils to provide awesome flavor.
  5. firmware upgradeable.
  6. TC temp control supporting.
  7.  Cheap affordable price.

SMOK Alien 220w Kit

Kanger DRIPEZ 80W Kit—Must have Squonk kit

If you are looking for a Squonk Vape Kit,then Kangertech DRIPEZ Kit is for you. As you know,the DRIPEZ 80W Starter Kit with Unique Juice Pump Delivery System to have a e-liquid pump which is placed on top of the included bottle and a tube connects directly from the pump to the DRIP EZ RBA to allow e-Liquid to be delivered directly into your cotton.Kanger DRIPEZ Kit will also be loved by MTL and DL lovers as well as vapers who wanna a cool and unique kits. Kanger DRIP EZ Kit with many appealling features like premade Kanthal 0.2ohm drip coils,Unique Screwless Clamp Post Design,Replaceable 15ml/16.5ml Glass Bottle to allow huge e-liquid hold and the price is cheap too. Kanger DRIPEZ TC Kit also launched for ages and will give you a different vaping experience.

Kanger DRIPEZ Kit