August 20, 2017

How to Update SMOK T-PRIV 220w Kit to Firmware V1.0.8

It is widely knew that SMOK T-PRIV Kit is a cool and unique high wattage SMOK Kit that introducted by SMOK team in 2017 . Different from other SMOK 22ow Kits in the marketplace,the New SMOK T-PRIV Starter Kit has a Hollow out design with Big fire key and Adjustable Colorful LED.Now SMOK T-PRIV 220W TC Starter Kit first units have arrived and full in stock at and you can buy SMOK T-PRIV Kit For Sale at affordable price.

T-PRIV Kit Firmware has been updated to V1.0.8 to provide a better vaping experience for vapers and this article will present a step by steps guide on how to update T-PRIV Kit by SMOK firmware to v1.0.8

Prepared Things

1.Pls turn off the device and take out the battery before upgrading.

2. OS System requirement: Windows XP/7/8/10.

3. SMOK T-PRIV TC 220W Kit Full Charged.

SMOK T-PRIV Kit V1.0.8 Updating Guide (Step by Steps)

1.Download latest software V1.0.8 from

2.Unzip it,open the folder,then you will get IPS programming tool and hex file


3.Double Click ISP Tool and Hold the firing button, connect the T-priv to the computer(you have to hold  the fire button during the upgrading)

4.  Click the “Connect” icon till the “disconnect ” icon come with light


5. Click “APROM” icon


6.Find the hex file in the arrow of the folder and open it


7.Please mind that the Config data should be 00013000. Redownload the ISP tool if you can’t adjust it.

SMOK T-PRIV 220w Kit

8. Mark “APROM” file icon and “Config” icons, then click “Start”

9.Please mention that you will get a PASS if you have successfully upgraded your  SMOK T-priv 220W Starter Kit

SMOK T-PRIV Starter Kit