February 20, 2017

IJOY CIGPET ECO12 Sub ohm Tank Thoughts & Opinions?


CIGPET ECO12 Tank is the new introducted sub ohm tank by IJOY.CIGPET ECO12 Sub ohm Tank with fashionable design, awesome flavor and amazing features. See IJOY CIGPET ECO12 Specification below

  • Diameter : 28 mm
  • ejuice capacity : 6.5mL
  • smoothest airflow combined with the best flavor
  • Available color : Black,Silver, Rainbow
  • Max High wattage supported : 400w
  • Thread : 510
  • optional  rebuildable deck
  • Optional ECO-RTA Deck features in 4 different fun builds
  • Optional ECO-T14 coil (0.12ohm, 60-360W)
  • Optional ECO-T16 coil (0.11ohm, 60-400W)

IJOY CIGPET ECO12 Sub ohm Tank lst Look


What is CIGPET ECO12 different from other sub ohm tank in the marketplace ?

  1. used RESIN DRIP TIP.
  2. Optional ECO-RTA Deck features in 4 different fun builds
  3. 400w high wattage supported.

SMOK TFV12 Tank vs CIGPET ECO12 Tank

The Same

  1. 28 mm Diameter
  2. 510 threading.
  3. Multi-colors available.
  4. High wattage supported.
  5. great airflow control with Awesome flavor.
  6. High compatibility.

The Different

  1. Developed and supported by different team.
  2. eJuice capacity : CIGPET ECO12 was 6.5mL, the TFV12 was 6mL.
  3. High wattage supported : CIGPET ECO12 was 400w,the SMOK TFV12 Tank was 200w.
  4. CIGPET ECO12 used RESIN DRIP TIP,the TFV12 used Black Delrin Ultra-Wide Drip Tip.
  5. CIGPET ECO12 with optional  rebuildable deck.
  6. SMOK TFV12 Support High-Temperature Resistant – Explosion Proof  and with RBA optional.
  7. TFV12 With pre-made coil and signature Top-Fill Rotary Design with Hinge Lock.

Summary,if you want buy a super high wattage supported to gain a best flavor ,then buy CIGPET ECO12 is your choice,and it with RTA deck optional. But if you want buy a sub ohm tank with premade coil and powerful function,then buy TFV12 will be right for you.


  1. ejuice capacity : CIGPET ECO12 was 6.5mL,the IJOY MAXO V12 was 5.6mL.
  2. IJOY MAXO V12 Tank used Delrin wide bore drip tip,the CIGPET ECO12 Tank used RESIN DRIP TIP.
  3. IJOY CIGPET ECO12 can hold high wattage up to 400w,the MAXO V12 Tank was 315w.
  4. CIGPET ECO12 Sub ohm Tank with optional  rebuildable deck,MaXO V12 with New structure triple post V12-RT6 deck.

Is IJOY CIGPET ECO12 Sub ohm Tank Worthy to Buy ?

IMO CIGPET ECO12 Tank worthy to buy, the mainly reasons lies below

  1. newest product by IJOY,represents new technology.
  2. smoothest airflow combined with the best flavor.
  3. 400w max high wattage supported.
  4. 6.5mL ejuice capacity.
  5. with RTA optional.
  6. RESIN DRIP TIP used to proivde better vaping experience.
  7. cheap affordable price.