August 31, 2016

IJOY COMBO RDTA is Launching with lst Preview

Based on popular IJOY Limitless RDTA,IJOY team released their new rebuildable dripping tank atomizer : IJOY COMBO RDTA Tank public. The COMBO RDTA is attractive tank and now is for sale at with presale price.Now you can buy iJoy Combo RDTA cheap here : IJOY COMBO RDTA

25mm COMBO RDTA First images

ijoy combo rdta


Combo RDTA Review

official Features

Interchangeable Gold-Plated Building Deck

Combo RDTA 25mm

Can be assembled into COMBO RDA with a RDA base

Combo RDTA Tank

Side Filling

Combo RDTA buy

7 optional decks (IMC-1,IMC-2,IMC-3,IMC-4,IMC-5,IMC-6,IMC-COIL)

Combo RDTA Deck