November 6, 2016

MAGE GTA vs Moradin RTA vs OBS Engine

MAGE GTA is the newest rebuildable tank atomizer released by CoilArt and now the first batch of CoilArt MAGE GTA has arrived and in stock at,see here : Buy CoilArt MAGE GTA

Moradin RTA has launched the marekt for ages,it is the first pure ceramic chamber RTA in the market with pure flavor and 5mL iCloudCig Moradin RTA is one of popular 22mm rebuildable tank in the market.

Engine, is a welcomed RTA for its excellent temp control and great performance.

CoilArt MAGE GTA vs iCloudCig Moradin 22mm RTA vs OBS Engine RTA

The Same

  1. For DIY Lovers
  2. 510 threading
  3. two colors available : Black and SS
  4. airflow control

The different

1.eJuice capacity : GTA was 3.5mL,engine was 5.2mL, Moradin RTA has 3mL and 5mL ejuice capacity optional.

2.Size : OBS Engine (25mm)´╝×MAGE GTA(24mm)´╝×Moradin 22mm RTA.

3.Filling System : Coil Art MAGE GTA and Moradin RTA was top ejuice filling,while the OBS Engine RTA was side filling.

4.Airflow Control : OBS Engine RTA was Top Airflow Control, the other two tanks Adjustable Airslots at Base.

5.OBS Engine RTA 5mL Tank supports temp control and with Unique Atomized Seat design.

6.Moradin RTA is the first pure ceramic charmber tank and supports Single or Dual Configurations and with exclusive Juice Flow Control.

7.MAGE GTA 3.5mL Tank with Gold-plated 510 contact

8.drip tip : MAGE GTA by CoilArt and 5mL Moradin RTA Used derlin ,the OBS Engine used POM Drip Tip.

If you want buy a compact tank with pure flavor and powerful function for both Single or Dual coil supported,then you can buy iCloudCig Moradin RTA, is a 100% ceramic chamber RTA and can work with almost all mod box in the market with great reviews. But if you want buy a tank with excellent temp control,and huge ejuice capacity,then buy obs engine rta,it will never fail to you. But if you want buy a 24mm RTA with Gold-plated 510 contact and great vapor and vapor production, then buy 24mm CoilArt MAGE GTA.