February 13, 2017

Medusa RDTA vs Avocado 24 Bottom vs Avocado 22 Special

GeekVape is always famous for its RTA/RDTA Tanks and today,the blog presents three hot and popular GeekVape RDTAs in the marketplace and i belive according to the comparsion between these three tanks,users will better know about the Medusa RDTA , Avocado 24 Bottom and Avocado 22 Special.

Medusa RDTA is the newest Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer released by GeekVape,with inner structure and features 3mL ejuice capacity, adjustable side airflow and short shaft section to increase flavor. and GeekVape Medusa RDTA will come soon.

Medusa RDTA

Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow is a 24mm RDTA,which based on Avocado 24 RDTA ,is the updated version of Avocado 24 but added Bottom Airflow to provide better flavor.

Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow

Avocado 22 Special Edition is a 22mm compact DIY Tank,with multi-colors available,features 3.5mL ejuice capacity,dual or single coil with ceramic block off available, larger deck and post holes and side juice filling.

Avocado 22 RDTA Special Edition

Medusa RDTA vs Avocado 24 Bottom vs Avocado 22 Special

The Same

  1. developed and supported by same GeekVape team.
  2. is a Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer for DIY lovers.
  3. Drip tip height : 10mm
  4. Gold plated positive pin
  5. 510 threading compatibility
  6.  great compatibility.

The Different

  1. Size : Medusa RDTA was 25mm,the GeekVape Avocado 24 Bottom was 24mm, the Avocado 22 Special was 22mm.
  2. ejuice capacity : Gee Vape Medusa RDTA was 3mL,the Avocado 24 bottom and Avocado 22 Special Edition was 3.5mL.
  3. Medusa RDTA by GeekVape with inner structure,making assemble and refill extremely simple.
  4. Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow and GeekVape Avocado 22 Special available for dual or single coil with ceramic block off.
  5. Medusa RDTA and Geek Vape Avocado 22 Special Edition with Adjustable side airflow delivers the perfect flavor,the GeekVape Avocado 24 Bottom with bottom airflow control.
  6. Medusa RDTA incoming,while the other two geekvape tanks has launched for ages.


If you want buy a compact RDTA,then buy GeekVape Avocado 22 Special Edition will your choice. The Avocado 22 Special has multi-colors available and with great performance and the price is attractive too.But if you want buy a RDTA with bottom airflow,then Avocado 24 bottom is for you,this tank has launched the market for ages and will give you a great vaping experience. But if you want a cool DIY tank ,then buy Medusa RDTA,it with inner structure and features are appealling too.