November 27, 2016

New GeekVape Karm Mechanical Kit Released For Sale !

Today,GeeVape Released and presented their new mechanical starter kit,called : Geek Vape Karm Kit Officially. Karm Kit is a stylist and beautiful starter kit with appealling features,like package contains two in one atomizer to allow users switch between RDA and RDTA easily ,Velocity deck and so on. And now Geek Vape Karm Kit is for sale at with presale price,see here : Buy Geek Vape Karm RDA/RDTA Kit

Karm Mechanical Kit lst Look

GeekVape Karm RDA/RDTA Kit

Striking features of Karm Starter Kit

  • Velocity deck
  • comes with 2in1 tank to have RDA/RDTA options
  • Side air flow
  • Size: (RDA) 25 * 25 * 5.5mm, (RDTA) 25 * 40.5 * 5.5mm
  • Juice capacity : RDTA 5ml
  • Juice Filling System: RDA top juice flow, RDTA side juices flow
  • Wide bore heat-insulated drip tip designed to protect mouth from heat
  • Portable