August 4, 2016

Orcish RDA/RDTA ,first modular tank System Launching !

Orcish RDA/RDTA by iCloudCig was announced and will coming soon ! The Orcish RDA/RDTA is the first modular tank system and has the flexibility of switching between an RDA and RDTA . Now,Orcish RDA/RDTA tank is for sale at with pre-order price ,you can buy Orcish RDA/RDTA right here : Orcish RDA & RDTA Tank by iCloudCig

Official Features

  • 25mm in Diameter
  • Flexibility of Switching between RDA & RDTA
  • The First Modular Tank System
  • Never drain your tank to swap flavorsĀ again!
  • Heat Activated Color Logo.
  • Take a vape and watch the logo change color like a chameleon.
  • Comes with a spare oil tank.
  • Color : Black and SS

Orcish RDA&RDTA Tank