May 15, 2017

Pioneer4you IPV8 230W vs IPV Vesta 200W

Last Month,Pioneer4you released their new mod box,called : Pioneer4you IPV Vesta 200W public .IPV Vesta 200W Mod as the new generation device,presented new technology supporting buy Pioneer4you,like SX410 chip used ,An innovative firing mode, SXi-Q Intelligent Tate Curve and so on.

While the IPV8 230W Mod,is one of popular Pioneer4you mod and currently,is one of smallest high wattage mod box in the marketplace and IPV 8 230W has launched for ages,tested by many users with a good reputation for its performance,function, flavor as all as decent quality and price.

IPV8 230W

And today,this blog will share a comparison between Pioneer4you IPV8 230W  Mo and IPV Vesta 200W

The Same

  1. Developed by same team.
  2. 2 x 18650 cells required.
  3. 510 threading.
  4. USB Charging.
  5. Sliding Battery Door
  6. OLED Screen Display
  7. Multi-modes compatibility

The Different

  1. Chip used : IPV8 230W used YiHi SX330-F8 Chip,IPV Vesta 200W was powered by YiHi SX410 Chip.
  2. max power output : IPV8 was 230w,the IPV Vesta was 200w.
  3. iPV Vesta introduces a new SXi-Q Temperature Curve system along with traditional standard firing modes.
  4. iPV Vesta Taste Modes: Powerful, Standard, Soft & SXi-Q available.


If you wanna but a portable but powerful high wattage mod box,then you can buy IPV8 230W TC Box Mod,this mod has launched for ages ,tested by many users and currently,Pioneer4you is one of best recommended mod for all vapers,but if you wanna a mod with new technology supporting,then you can give Vesta 200w a shot,as the newest generation,which with many improved and creative features and the price is affordable too.