October 8, 2016

Smkon RVTA Atomizer Released with lst Look !

Smkon RVTA Introduction

The Smkon RVTA is a new creative rebuildable tank atomizer that will coming out the market soon ! and now you can pre-order Smkon RVTA Tank at vapingbuy.com right here : Buy Smkon RVTA Cheap. Smkon RVTA Atomizer is the first tank with RVTA design to provide a different vaping experience for our users.See first images below

Smkon RVTA

Official Features


1.First RVTA design ,vertical RTA coil DIY structur

6mL Smkon RVTA Atomizer

2. 6mL ejuice capacity

Smkon RVTA Tank

3.Rapidly replace cotton

4.Fantastic pure taste

5.Unique dual juice-storage system

Smkon RVTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

6.Unique speedy top filling system

Smkon RVTA Atomizer

7.Detachable, easy to clean

Smkon RVTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer