January 14, 2017

SMOK Alien Kit Announcement (14-01-2016) !

Today,SMOKTECH released a annoucement about SMOK Alien 220w TC Starter Kit,see the original quotation

“Recently, SMOK received some consults from fans: Why there are some label printing differences of SMOK products. see pix show


They are worried that they bought fake products.In such case, SMOK issue a statement: label printing of SMOK products is different because regular maintenance and adjustment of the printer changed the settings, which changed the printing. We will strengthen the label printing management and unify the format standard later to prevent such cases from happening again.The only way to check the authenticity of a product is by the anti-counterfeiting code like pix show

SMOK Alien 220w TC Kit

Thank you for your support to SMOK. Hope you enjoy your vaping with SMOK! ”

So,if you received the SMOK Alien Starter Kit that label printing is different from other SMOK products,pls dont worry and all products in vapingbuy.com is genuine.