July 21, 2016

Subox Mini Kit vs Subox Mini-C Kit

 Subox Mini-C Starter Kit is launching,this is the newest kit released by kangertech. Kanger has announced that the Subox Mini-C Kit will be the updated version of Subox Mini Starter Kit.So,this blog is a comparison between Kanger Subox Mini Kit and Kanger Subox Mini-C Kit to let us better knew what changelogs made

The Same

  • Developed by kangertech
  • Max output power : 50w
  • Requires Single 18650 battery
  • USB Charging
  • 510 threading
  • OLED Screen Display

The Different

  • Subox Mini-C Kit by Kangertech is the new version of Subox Mini Kit
  • eJuice capacity : Subox Mini 50w kit has 4.5mL e-Liquid,the Subox Mini-C 50W Kit was 3mL.
  • Kanger Subox Mini-C 50W Starter Kit with upgraded chiselled looked and upgraded top filling system,check pix comparison below

Subox Mini Kit vs Subox Mini-C Kit

  • Kanger Subox Mini-C 50W Kit with new adjustable e-liquid channel that allows no waste of e liquid when changing coils for operation and also SSOCC are compatible.
  • kanger subox mini kit supports RBA function,the new Subox Mini-C Kit didnt support.

Subox Mini-C coming soon and now is unavailable,so if you want buy a compact kanger kit,you can wait for a moment and give new kanger subox mini-c 50w kit  a shot,it is the newest kit by kanger,with new technology supporting and will give you a great vaping experience,but if you dont want wait and like RBA function and a little bigger eJuice,then buy subox mini, this kit has out the market for ages,with so many users and price is cheap affordable too.