September 26, 2016

What is the best 22mm RTA Recommended ?

There are different brands of 22mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer in the market,about the best one,maybe different people will give you different answer.And here,in vapingbuy offiical blog,we will presents three hot and popular 22mm RTAs in 2016,hope will give you some useful informations

1. iCloudCig Moradin 22mm RTA

If you wanna a pure Ceramic chamber RTA,then buy Moradin 22mm RTA is your choice.The Moradin RTA has been launched the market for ages with many good reviews. iCloudCig Moradin RTA has two versions : 22mm and 25mm ,the 25mm is for special mod,while the 22mm can be used with almost all mod box in the market.Moradin 22mm RTA with excellent quality build and high performance and features 3mL and 5mL eJuice capacity available,Side Tension Two Post Design,Single or Dual Compatibility, Velocity style post and Exclusive Juice Flow Control .

Moradin 22mm RTA

2.Wotofo Sapor RTA

Sapor RTA is one of popular Rebuildable tank in the market for DIY fun, it features 2mL eJuice capacity,Two-Post, Dual Terminal Design with side-mounted hex screws,adjustable juice flow control system,unique top airflow system and so on.So if you wanna buy a compact tank to match with your small box,you can buy Wotofo Sapor RTA,it will give you a great vaping experience.

Wotofo Sapor RTA

3.UD Goblin Mini V3 RTA

Goblin Mini V3 is the latest rebuildable tank by UD,represents new technolgoy supporting,features color glass tubes avaiable, 2mL eJuice, two velocity RBA decks for dual coils and a side deck for a single big coil installation comes with.
Goblin Mini V3 by Youde

So,if you wanna a tank with huge ejuice capacity and 100% Ceramic design, you can buy Moradin 22mm RTA,with a good reputation.But if you want a compact tank with RBA supporting ,then buy UD Goblin Mini V3.Or if you want a mini and super compact RTA with powerful features,then buy Wotofo Sapor RTA,it has out the market for ages with many users.