March 14, 2017

What is your favorite 22mm single coil RTA?

Question asked by a vaper in vaping forum “what is your favorite 22mm RTA and why?”,i quotated here and hope by answering this question will help other users who maybe have same confusion.

If you are in the market for a 22mm Single Coil RTA, then you can buy GeekVape AMMIT RTA or Buy iCloudcig Moradin RTA.Check more below

1. GeekVape Ammit RTA—Best Recommended Rebuildable Tank Atomizer for Single Coil Made.

As you maybe know,the Ammit RTA is specially design for Single Coil made, with unique “three dimensional” airflow system to provide awesome flavor and great vapor production. Geek Vape Ammit RTA is a 22mm DIY Tank with many appealling features like below

  1. developed and supported by famous geekvape,which always has a good reputation for their tanks.
  2. creative three dimensional” airflow system from both the bottom and the sides
  3. Griffin style adjustable juice flow control
  4. Unique top cap design to prevent vapor condensation
  5. Huge single coil style deck for convenient building
  6. Curved chamber design offers optimized airflow and brilliant flavor.
  7. launched for ages and tested by many users.
  8. decent price and quality.


2. iCloudcig Moradin 22mm RTA—Most popular ceramic RTA

Moradin RTA is the first pure Ceramic chamber RTA with pure flavor and great performance. check why 5mL iCloudCig Moradin RTA worthy to be recommended below

  1. first first pure Ceramic chamber RTA.
  2. 5mL ejuice capacity.
  3. Single or Dual Configurations
  4. Dual Adjustable Airslots at Base
  5. Exclusive Juice Flow Control
  6. cheap affordable price.

iCloudCig Moradin RTA

So,IMO,if you wanna a 22mm RTA that specially work for Single Coil Made,then buy GeekVape AMMIT RTA Tank will be your best choice,as we have seen above, the features ,technology supporting, flavor are both top and will never fail to you.But if you want buy a ceramic RTA tank with more ejuice capacity and great function,then buy Moradin RTA is for you, this tank has launched for ages and will give you a pure vaping experience and the price is cheap.